[A] Magic Midgets lf members

If you don't plan to be active and put effort in the raids, don't apply.

AQ20: 4/7
ZG: 7/7
Ony 1/1
MC 10/10
Azuregos 1/1
Lord Kazzak 1/1
BWL 4/8

We are recruiting the following classes to progress in BWL:
Warriors: (need one more Prot) - no DPS needed
Paladins: 2 Healadins needed! - no retardins needed!
Hunters: 2 needed!
Druids: (1Moonkin, 1Resto)
Rogues: (1 DPS)
Mages: (1 Fire/Frost)
Warlocks: 2 more needed!
Priests: 2 Heals needed!

Gear Requirements:
pre raid BiS

- First Aid for everyone
- 3-4xHerbs
- 1xDragonscale LW

Addon Requirements:
(KTM) Threatmeter
CT Raid Assist

Skill Requirements:
You know everything there is to know about your class, our you are willing to learn how to play your class:
- talent builds
- threat management
- class abilities and CD´s
- prio. stats (dont roll on everything)

Software Requirements:
Teamspeak 3 - You dont need a mic, it´s ok if u just listen.
No Teamspeak -> No Guild Inv

Loot System:

Bank System:
We have 4 Accounts to storage all items we need. Check the Forum Thread.

Raid Times - EU Based
Monday: 7pm st AQ20
Tuesday: 7pm st BWL
Wednesday: 7pm st ZG
Thursday: 7pm st BWL
Friday: rnd / rest / farm
Saturday: rnd / rest / farm
Sunday: 6pm st BWL

How to join:
Apply on our homepage! If your app is approved whisp Dudupwnzyou.